Salo Golf Club

Salo Golf Club Salo, Finland
18 holes
par NA

Founded in 1992, the 18-hole course is located within the beautiful Urheilupuisto area, on the bottom of an open valley and a mere kilometre from the town centre. Our course is renowned for its long season, which usually spans from April until snowfall in the autumn. In 2003 our club was the host of the men’s and women’s Finnish stroke play championships. The course offers challenge for both club and competitive players. Although the general appearance of the course is flat, the various water hazards, ponds and creeks as well as the roughs give each fairway their own personality. There is a certain ascetic honesty to be found within the widths and routing of the fairways. The free blowing winds add to this effect. The out of bounds areas surrounding the fairways do somewhat disturb the natural and plain appearance of the course.

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Salo Golf Club

Anistenkatu 1
24100 - SALO - FINLAND

GPS : 60.37778100 - 23.14177300

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